Claudine Zerafa

Claudine graduated in BSc. (Hons) Communication Therapy in 1997 and is a licensed practising speech language pathologist. She was Clinical Tutor for the Department of Communication Therapy, University of Malta for seven years and went on to further her studies in this area and obtain a Masters degree in Clinical Education (2007, University of Lancaster). Within the Speech Language Department her roles currently involve co-ordinating speech language pathology services in 28 state schools, 4 Resource Centres and co-ordinating a mentoring and coaching programme for new recruits. Claudine also holds a diploma in Public Management (2014, Centre for Development, Research and Training, Malta). Claudine is the Maltese delegate for the Education Commission of CPLOL and has been assigned the role of Ethics Officer within the ASLP. Running and dancing are two of her favourite past times.