13th April 2016 – A Presentation about Adapting Toys for Users

Speaker: Noemi Rando, Project Manager, Therapeutic Leisure for Health for Aiju

AIJU (Technological Institute for children’s products and leisure), was inaugurated in 1985 as a non-profit making organization designed to provide support to companies within the toy sector and related industries. AIJU currently has 700 associated companies and a team of more than 70 technical experts specializing in various disciplines related to toys and play. The Child & Leisure Research Department comprises psychologists, educationalists, teachers and sociologists and is capable of providing assessment on issues relating to human development, learning, play activities, consumer trends and behaviours, the search for new market opportunities etc. In addition, it provides companies with the necessary guidance for reaching the optimum level of adaptation of the game-toy of the user, by carrying out studies on the play value, duration, manipulability, suitability for age and educational quality, amongst other things.

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